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    비밀번호 변경 안내 알림이미지 비밀번호 변경 안내

    비밀번호를 변경하신 지 3개월이 경과하였습니다 .
    안전한 개인정보 보호를 위해 비밀번호를 변경하시기 바랍니다.

    GICOMS는 아래의 구성과 연계됩니다.

    Integrated Database

    Ship information
    Registration, Inspection, Security
    Marine transportation
    Location, Operation
    Navigation Safety
    Navigation Alert & Notice
    Incident Information
    Marine accidents, Piracy information
    Meteorological information
    Mteorological prevention database, Tidal information
    International Maritime Affairs
    IMO information

    Vessel Monitoring System

    • Vessel automatic identification devices
    • Mobile phones
    • Satellites

    Information exchange

    System linkage between related agencies
    NSC, National Intelligence Service, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, and Korea Coast Guard
    Provision of disaster safety information
    Ships, Shipowners, and the general public;

    Vessel Monitoring System (VMS):

    • A system that displays location signals transmitted from terminals such as wireless devices and the AIS installed on a ship. It is a ship-to-land interactive data network;
    • VMS terminals are installed on ships and monitoring devices (H/W and S/W) on land.

    Linkage and integration of information systems related to maritime disaster safety:

    • Integrating distributed marine disaster safety-related information systems based on the VMS ⇒ Establishing an integrated marine safety database;
    • Acquiring ship-related information such as registration, inspection records, radio station, business operator, and crew information based on location information.

    Offering public services and joint utilization of marine safety information between relevant agencies:

    • Providing a free online VMS service and integrated database for marine safety;
    • Setting up information networks and mutual utilization among organizations related to marine safety disasters;
    • Running decision making support systems and delivering updates on maritime disasters and safety incidents.