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    비밀번호를 변경하신 지 3개월이 경과하였습니다 .
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    IMO, SOLAS Provisions

    • September 12, 2001: United Nations General Assembly adopted an anti-terrorism resolution, SC Rec.1373;
    • November 20, 2001: IMO General Assembly adopted a resolution on measures and procedures to prevent maritime terrorism, Rec. A.924 (22);
    • May 15, 2002: Specific Discussion of A.924 (22) Resolution MSC (75), SSAS performance standards recommendation;
    • Strengthening international cooperation to manage and lower the risk of piracy on national ships;
    • October, 2002: Revised SSAS performance standards recommendation in MSC (76) - MSC.136 (76):
      - COMSAR (7) (2003.1) a review was requested.

    Key Features

    • Two alert activation points must be installed, with one of them being located on the bridge;
    • Distress signals must be able to be sent covertly from a ship to the State Authority;
    • No alarms should be raised onboard or on any other nearby vessels;
    • An SSAS must comply with international standards;
    • An SSAS should be operational using the main power or alternative power of a ship;
    • Action points should be available in different locations to the bridge;
    • An action point secure alert should be operational even if transmission of the wireless device is not adjusted;
    • In all cases, the transmission triggered by an SSAS activation point must contain a unique code or identification code indicating that the GMDSS distress procedure did not trigger the alarm.