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    비밀번호 변경 안내 알림이미지 비밀번호 변경 안내

    비밀번호를 변경하신 지 3개월이 경과하였습니다 .
    안전한 개인정보 보호를 위해 비밀번호를 변경하시기 바랍니다.

    Vessel Monitoring System:

    Automatic vessel identification devices, mobile phones, satellites

    A system that displays location signals transmitted from terminals such as wireless devices and the AIS installed on a ship. It is a ship-to-land interactive data network;

    Application Procedure for VMS (Vessel Monitoring System)

    National-Flagged Ships (LRIT/ Ocean-Going Vessels):

    • 1) Log-in;
    • 2) Click the [VMS application] button;
    • 3) Agree to the terms and conditions;
    • 4) Enter the shipping information and click the [apply] button;
    • 5) Go to the ship information tab;
    • 6) Click the [search vessel] button;
    • 7) Search for a vessel using search criteria, and then select the vessel from the list of search results (Please contact the technical team if you cannot find the vessel you are looking for. Technical Team: 044-200-5884~5);
    • 8) Select the vessel being inquired about, and fill in the blanks;
    • 9) Complete AIS and LRIT information;
    • 10) Apply with a ‘Certificate of Registry’ and an ‘LRIT Certificate of Conformity’ attached;
    • 11) Contact the Technical Team of the General Situation Management Office after completing the application;
    • 12) Approval available only when the LRIT terminal's position signal is received for national flagships (LRIT target).

    Korean-Flagged Vessels (LRIT Untargeted/Coastal Vessels):

    Approval available only when an AIS terminal signal is received for national-flagged ships (LRIT untargeted).

    Foreign-Flagged Vessels:

    • 1) Apply with a ‘Certificate of Registry’ attached;
    • 2) Approval is available only when the location signal of the satellite network terminal is received for foreign-flagged ships.